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Comment bloquer et débloquer quelqu'un sur Spotify?

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In the realm of music streaming services, personalization is a cornerstone, and Spotify takes this to heart. However, in the pursuit of a tailored listening experience, it's important to address situations where certain users might encroach upon your privacy or disrupt your musical journey. Luckily, Spotify acknowledges this need and empowers you to take control of your interactions by allowing you to block specific users. This process not only prevents them from following you but also restricts their access to your profile and listening activity.

How to Block Someone on Spotify?

Blocking someone on Spotify is a seamless process that can be accomplished from various platforms, including the desktop app, mobile app, or even the browser version. Regardless of the interface you choose, the steps to block a user remain consistent:

Step 1: Navigate to the users' profile 

  • Open the Spotify app on your chosen device (desktop, mobile, or browser).
  • Head to the profile page of the user you wish to block. This can often be achieved by using the search function or exploring your followers/following lists.

Step 2: Access the context menu 

Once you're on the user's profile page, locate the three vertical dots positioned under their profile picture. This is a common indicator for accessing additional options.

Step 3: Select the 'Block' option 

Click or tap on the "Block" option within the context menu. This action signifies your intent to block the user.

Comment bloquer quelqu'un sur Spotify

Step 4: Confirm the 'Block' 

  • Following the selection, a confirmation prompt may appear, asking you to confirm your decision to block the user.
  • Click or tap "Block" again on the confirmation message to finalize the blocking process.

Step 5: Blocking successful 

After confirming, the user will be successfully blocked. They will no longer have the ability to follow you, view your playlists, or engage with you through Spotify.

The act of blocking someone on Spotify serves as a tool to safeguard your privacy, tailor your musical experience, and eliminate any unwelcome distractions or interactions. By preventing users from accessing your profile and activity, you can effectively curate the connections and engagements you have on the platform.

How to unblock someone on Spotify?

Furthermore, Spotify recognizes that preferences may change over time. If you choose to mend the relationship and unblock the previously blocked user, the steps are identical to the blocking process and can be executed regardless of the platform you're using:

  • Step 1: Access the User's Profile
  • Step 2: Access the Context Menu
  • Step 3: Select the "Unblock" Option
  • Step 4: Unblocking Completed
NOTE: Unlike when you block someone, you won't be asked to confirm the unblocking action. However, exercise caution to ensure you genuinely want to unblock them before proceeding.

Why Spotify gets blocked and how to unblock Spotify?

The above part shows you how to block (unblock) someone on Spotify. The next part will show you how your Spotify gets blocked and the method to deal with it.

Reasons Behind Spotify Blocking

① Network Restrictions 

Network restrictions are often implemented by institutions such as schools and workplaces to regulate internet usage. In such environments, access to streaming services like Spotify might be blocked to ensure that employees or students remain focused on their tasks and manage bandwidth usage efficiently. This is done to enhance productivity and maintain control over internet resources.

② Copyright Concerns 

Copyright concerns play a pivotal role in the blocking of Spotify in certain locations. Playing copyrighted music publicly without proper licensing can potentially infringe upon the rights of artists and creators. To avoid legal issues and violations, organizations may choose to restrict access to music streaming platforms like Spotify. By doing so, they ensure that copyrighted content is not accessed without the necessary permissions.

③ Security Measures 

Blocking of Spotify can also be a result of security measures. Streaming services, including Spotify, may implement these blocks as a preventive measure against potential security threats, unauthorized file sharing, or the spread of malware through their platform. This action aims to safeguard both the users and the service itself from potential risks.

④ Geo-restrictions 

Geo-restrictions are imposed based on geographical locations. There are instances where Spotify is blocked or has limited availability in certain countries due to specific reasons. For example, China, North Korea, Sudan, and Iran are examples of countries where Spotify's availability might be restricted due to various factors, including government regulations and licensing issues.

Solutions to Unblock Spotify

To unblock Spotify and access it on restricted networks such as schools, workplaces, or limited connections, there are several methods you can use.

Proxy Website 

Proxy websites act as intermediaries between your device and the website you're trying to access. They can help you access blocked content by masking your IP address. However, they might not be as safe as other methods like VPNs and could potentially slow down your internet connection.

DNS Settings

Changing your device's DNS settings can also help you bypass website blocks. DNS (Domain Name System) translates domain names into IP addresses. While it can be effective, it might be more complicated for those unfamiliar with the process.

Virtual Private Network (VPN) 

The most reliable way to unblock Spotify is by using a VPN. VPNs create a private network from a public connection, allowing you to use the internet more securely and anonymously. VPNs route your traffic through different servers, allowing you to navigate around blocked apps and websites.

How to unblock Spotify using a VPN?

Download a VPN app from a VPN provider on a network that's not restricted. It's better to download the app before accessing a limited network.
Log in to the VPN app on the device you want to use for accessing Spotify.
Choose a server to connect to in a region where Spotify is not blocked. This could be a server in a different country or a local server if the block is specific to your network.
Connect to the server and access the Spotify app or website. This will not only unblock Spotify but also enhance your privacy and security online.

VPNs not only unblock Spotify but also provide additional benefits like protecting your data and online activity. They offer a way to enjoy restricted content while maintaining your privacy and security online.

In conclusion, using a VPN is the most effective and reliable method to unblock Spotify and enjoy your favorite music, podcasts, and audiobooks even on restricted networks.

How to block a song on Spotify?

To block a song on Spotify, you can hide it using the Spotify mobile app. This feature allows you to prevent a specific song from playing in your playlists or albums. Here's how to block a song on Spotify.

Open the Spotify mobile app on your device.
Navigate to a playlist or an album that contains the song you want to hide.
Locate the song title within the playlist or album.
Tap the three dots (options) icon next to the song title.
On iOS devices, tap "Hide Song." On Android devices, tap "Hide this song."
Once you've hidden the song, Spotify will skip it whenever it appears in any playlist or album you listen to.

If you decide to unhide the song later and include it in your listening experience again, follow these steps:

  • 1. Open the Spotify mobile app.
  • 2. Go to the same playlist or album that you hid the song from.
  • 3. Find the song title, which will likely be greyed out to indicate it's hidden.
  • 4. Tap on the hidden song title.
  • 5. Tap "Hidden" to unhide the song.

After unblocking the song, Spotify will play it in your playlists or albums as usual.

Hiding and unhiding songs on Spotify gives you the power to tailor your listening experience according to your preferences and curate the perfect musical journey. This feature is particularly helpful when you want to avoid songs that you don't like or have heard too many times.

How to enjoy Spotify music if your Spotify gets blocked?

Considering the chances that your Spotify gets blocked, you can go for a Spotify converter for help. Here we highly recommend you MusicFab Spotify Converter. To download Spotify songs offline using MusicFab Spotify Converter, you can follow these steps.

Step 1

First, you need to download and install the MusicFab Spotify Converter software.

Step 2

After installing, launch the MusicFab Spotify Converter on your computer. And choose the Spotify icon.

Télécharger Spotify Music Offline au cas où Spotify est bloqué

Step 3

Sign in to your Spotify account within the inbuilt browser. This will allow the converter to access your playlists and songs for download.

Étapes pour télécharger des chansons Spotify hors ligne

Step 4

Go to the Search option on Spotify for playlist, artist, or song searching.

Télécharger Spotify Music Offline

Step 5

Before downloading, you can customize the output settings such as the format (FLAC, MP3, M4A, WAV, or OPUS) in which you want to save the downloaded songs and audio quality as well.

Personnaliser le format de sortie de la musique Spotify téléchargée

Step 6

When you have finished customization, you can tap on “Download Now” to start the Spotify song-downloading process.


This post talks about how to block (unblock) someone on Spotify, why your Spotify gets blocked and how to unblock Spotify with VPN, as well as some FAQs about blocking and unblocking. And in case you cannot access Spotify when your Spotify gets blocked, we offer you MusicFab Spotify converter to help you save Spotify songs offline so that you can enjoy them anytime, anywhere!

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